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Tighten Up: 3 Tricks To Prevent Your Skin From Aging

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My thirties came with a vengeance. One moment I was partying every night of the week with the girls, and the next I was desperately trying to keep perking eyes at the strike of 9pm. Such is the process of aging. But what no ones really tells you is that fighting aging skin is something you have to do before it actually starts. Waiting until you see your first wrinkle will not keep your skin-tight. Skin creams and expensive facial are all great and an awesome way to relax but there’s a few easy steps you can take to aging gracefully that you may not have even thought of!

Monitor your alcohol intake. Alcohol causes the skin to get puffy and flush with dilated blood vessels. Over time, even moderate intake can cause permanent spider veins on one’s face, chest, abdomen, arms, and hands. Damaged vessels leak, which causes…

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